Note From the Author

UPDATE 19 OCT 2017: Entry updates are set to a minimum posting time of 10pm ET (USA) every Saturday — provided, that is that I don’t end up pumping out multiple entries during the week before this time. Please follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter at TheSevenWorlds_ for more constant updates, random facts about The Seven Worlds universe, entry posting times/updates, and sometimes sneak previews of upcoming entries. And as always, thanks so much for y’all’s continued support. Very nearly done with book one! Entry 87 should be up by Sunday at 10pm ET at the latest.


UPDATE 17 SEPT 2017: Due to events that have transpired in my personal life as well as the recent impact of Hurricane Irma (and potential impacts of Hurricane Maria and Tropical Storm Lee that are tracking across the Atlantic towards my location as I type this), postings on this story may not be within the week time frame that they have been. However, I am not abandoning this story and it is very nearly completed. So for my dear readers who have continued to follow this story since its inception (or from the discovery of it at any point within its progress), I thank y’all for y’all’s continued support and patience. I will endeavor to do my very best to keep to a schedule where there is at least one new entry posted a week.


Salutations! I am Mr Crabtree, creator of this fine story and the characters contained within it.

I have been writing The Seven Worlds, well gathering up maps and character bios and background and the like, for nearing on 13 years and am happy to say I finally managed to get it all strung together in a way that not only does it flow and make sense but it also is nearly done. At least book one is — and yes, there will be at least seven books, one for each World, so do not fear, this will not be a stand alone.

So feel free to dive in. Entries are located under the entry page link and please feel free to drop a like or comment on the ones that strike your fancy. Constructive criticism is highly encouraged. Feedback fuels me to keep writing. If you wish to be added to the testimonials page (and have your WordPress account provided you have one linked as well), please feel free to contact me or state as much in a comment. I am happy to add anyone who wishes to be added.

Also please note that this is a very rough draft of this story, basically an outline if you will, and once it is completed I plan to pull it off and begin mass edits/additions before submitting it for full publication. Do not worry, when that happens I will be sure to let all of those readers who have followed it since its inception on this site know of when and how they can purchase a full version copy for themselves.

Love, Shadows, and Balance,
Mr Crabtree