Note From the Author


As of earlier this afternoon, Fènwa World is officially live, published, and ready for purchase in paperback via Amazon (buy it here). And a huge thank you to everyone who supported me from the very beginning to now. I will be leaving the rough draft version of book one up on the site as a testament to how far I’ve come in working on this series — and will do so with/for every book that follows. Buy a copy, send one to a friend, leave a review on Amazon. Remember, feedback fuels me.

Happy holidays, y’all.


UPDATE JULY 10, 2019:

Books 1 (Fènwa World), 2 (Txiwteb World), and 3 (Imèn World) have been completed. I am going to take the remainder of this year to work on doing a final set of edits on book 1 before submitting it to publishers and seeing about getting a physical copy in hand (and on shelves). While I’m working on edits for all three books, I will be compiling a glossary and such which will be added to the site here under its own tab once I’ve gotten through at least book one’s glossary of terms, places, people, etc. I will also try and have a separate “glossary” that contains characters with name pronunciation(s). So keep an eye out. [Do note that the glossary and list of characters may contain spoilers for book one so if you have not read it entirely, please bear that in mind. So as to keep from inadvertently spoiling the books as they are written here, I will separate each character list and glossary by book.]

It’s my plan to have book 4 (currently untitled) to be started and posted by — at latest — January 1, 2020, though that is subject to change depending on how quickly I get through the edits of the first three books.

As always, if you want current updates, pop on over to the official Facebook page (link is below) though I will also try to post updates to this tab as I’m able. And thank you all for your continued and overwhelming support. Three down, four to go. Next step is a physically published book in our hands.


I have been writing The Seven Worlds, well gathering up maps and character bios and background and the like, for nearing on 14 years and am happy to say I finally managed to get it all strung together in a way that not only does it flow and make sense but that as of 26 December 2017, it is finally done. At least book one is. And yes there will be at least seven books, one for each World, so do not fear, this will not be a stand alone.

So feel free to dive in. Entries for book one and two are located under the Fènwa World: Book One and Txiwteb World: Book Two links at the top of the page. Please feel free to drop a like or comment on the ones that strike your fancy. Constructive criticism is highly encouraged. Feedback fuels me to keep writing.

Also, if you wish to be added to the testimonials page feel free to contact me at or state as much in a comment. Be sure to include how you wish to be referenced and whether you would like me to link your WordPress account to your testimonial. I am happy to add anyone who wishes to be added.

I recently added a DONATE button on the sidebar. Any contribution is appreciated and would go towards helping me publish book one in off-line format. Which I hope to do by this time next year.

Oh and if y’all want a little extra, feel free to pop on over to Facebook and like/follow the official page at The Seven Worlds Series (Official Page) where I’ll conduct at least one live stream a month where I answer y’all’s questions, post random facts about TSW universe, and give updates on entry postings, edits, issues, etc.

And finally, to all those who have followed this story from inception to finale, to those who came in at the middle, the end, or somewhere in between, thank you for sticking with me. I look forward to seeing y’all again in book two and onward.

Love, Shadows, and Balance,
Mr Crabtree

P.S., If y’all would like to check out my other works you can go to Mr Crabtree’s Vocal Profile. All of the short stories (as of September 2018) published there are within the horror, criminal, and psychological (thriller) genres.