Note From the Author


Hey, y’all! So a few days ago I officially went live on Patreon where y’all can subscribe for certain goodies that you can’t find here on WordPress — like exclusive short stories set in canon-verse, and considered canon, that didn’t make the cut into the books and random facts that won’t be find on the Facebook page or here, and sneak peeks of never before seen chapter content on books one through four as I work on editing them. You can find my Patreon page here. Give it a look and please subscribe and help pay a starving writer.

I’m still working on Fènwa World‘s second full draft edits. Finally got passed the roughest patch, gods willing, but there’s so much new content I have to now write because I cut a lot of stuff out that no longer fit the direction of the series/story overall. So I made things simultaneously easier and harder for myself. As per usual.

Y’all will have noticed that book five’s category title has been added to the site. I’ve got a rough (very rough) draft of entry one penned and an idea of the prologue. I’m still aiming to get Fènwa World finalized and shifted to my editor’s desk before I devote my attention to writing a whole new book, but we’ll see how my muses feel. Gods only know those finnicky, stubborn fucks dictate everything where me and my writing is concerned.

Feedback fuels me to keep writing, so like, follow, comment, what have you, give my Patreon a subscription. I love the responses, just don’t roll up at me acting like a jackass because I will defend my series against non-constructive criticism.

Oh and if y’all want a little extra, feel free to pop on over to Facebook and like/follow the official page at The Seven Worlds Series (Official Page) where I’ll give updates on entry postings, edits, issues, etc. Occasionally I go on rants about Grammarly adverts on YouTube and how much I hate them… and other funny random bullshit.

And finally, to all those who have followed this story from inception to finale, to those who came in at the middle, the end, or somewhere in between, thank you for sticking with me. I look forward to seeing y’all again in book five and onward.

Love, Shadows, and Balance,
Mr Crabtree