“I am genuinely at a loss for words or emotions to adequately describe how this story makes me feel. It is a constant storm of ever changing writing. No word in the English language, nay, no combination of words I could ever hope to string together to make a coherent sentence can begin to describe the storm my head has been assaulted with. It is an immersive world, with each word carefully plucked to demand my attention. My feels can’t stand a chance against the gripping strength of the world, or its inhabitants. This truly is an engaging story with no holds barred. And the imagery. Holy. Shit. This story is more than words. It is a living, breathing being that has my rapt attention. I sit here, dumbstruck and awe filled as my head attempts to wrap itself around what I read. This story has me so engrossed in it, that I hate the fact I have to take a break to resurface for air, even for the more gut wrenching parts.” — Justin A. (JT In The Air)

“Oh my gods!! Drop everything immediately and dive into this amazing story! Vivid imagery, lush details, twists and turns that’ll have you begging for more! A mix of Tolkien, Rowling, and a bit of Poe and Lovecraft. This is truly a great continuing series by a fabulous breakout author. I am truly hooked into this story and continue to be impressed chapter after chapter. Multi-faceted, beguiling, and captivating… I cannot scream its praises enough!” — Lauren S. (Native Country Dreams)

“The Seven Worlds leaves me speechless with every page. This series is up there with the likes of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings with just a tad more emotional trauma added in. Mr Crabtree weaves words in such a way that will immerse you completely into the Worlds he has created. The characters are delightful, relatable, and feel so real. You will not be able to put this page turner down, and you will not be disappointed that you picked this up. You will want more and more of this beautifully written story.” — Baylie C. (Fangirling Equals Happiness )

“Like the calm before the storm, The Seven Worlds entices readers with a beautiful setting and astonishing characters before it drops like a hammer with its awe-inspiring story and intoxicating developments that leave readers gasping  for air one moment and screaming for more the next.” –Tyler L. (Learning About Him)

“When I was first introduced to The Seven Worlds, I thought “Oh, okay. Another friend that’s a writer. Yay. I’ll give it a go but I’m not holding my breath.” Then I started reading, no, devouring the entries. I can’t get enough of this story. Only one other writer has held my attention like Mr Crabtree has with The Seven Worlds: Laurel K. Hamilton. I put Mr Crabtree right up there with her. His writing style and the Worlds he’s creating keeps me wanting read more. And you should, too.” –Misty S. (More Than PTSD)