“When shall we move?”

It was a simple question but there was no simple answer. Not one that could be given without tipping the Scales to favor one side over the other and in this Balance must be preserved. Though it would be so much easier to pick a side and throw all strength behind that side, it wasn’t how things would go. It wasn’t how things could go. It wasn’t how things had to go.

No matter how irksome it was.

“I do not know the timing yet.”

An evasive answer if ever there was one and it rankled but there wasn’t anything to be done for it. Just like they had waited for Rhyshladlyn’s Answer all those centuries ago, just as they had hoped the decision the Grey Qishir made wouldn’t cripple the Seven Worlds, they had to wait again. They had to hope again that the outcome would be as it should be, that whatever choice was made was done without any influence.

“So we are merely to what… wait?”

What else was there to do but that? It was a horrible thing to do, one that would likely see more damage done than what had already happened but what other choice remained but that?

“For now, yes.” A pause filled with a huff of breath that was pure annoyance mixed with impatience. “It bothers me, too, but there is nothing to be done for it.”

Why? Why must we stand by and watch when we can help?”

“The Scales must not tip to favor one side or the other. You know that as well as I do.”

“So we wait.” Another pause, heavier than the last time. “Despite knowing the risk of an undesirable outcome is higher if we wait than if we were to act, we are still going to wait.”

There was no response to give besides what had already been spoken so silence reigned in the absence of spoken words. Not that it mattered overmuch. The timing would be right when it was right. Aid would be given when it could be given and not a moment sooner. No matter how much the waiting rankled, it was what must happen.

For some choices couldn’t be forced. Some had to be made purely out of free will with no outside knowledge, with no outside aid. No matter how much any of them wished otherwise.

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