The Worlds took a breath and sighed it back out.

They shook off the chains of an enslavement that had restrained them just as much as it had the Qishir who kept them Balanced and functioning.

They stopped the constant snow fall that had plagued everything north of central Txiwteb World, regardless of whether it was winter or not.

They freed the Storms whose lack had made Fènwa World a desert wasteland.

They calmed the whirlpools that had made traveling between the islands just off Anglë World’s eastern coast and Bondye World’s southeastern coast impossible.

They took hold of the frayed ends of themselves and pulled together. Breathed power and strength into the strands, braided them until there were no empty places. Reattached those long Lines of magick with ten times the strength they’d originally been forged with. Closed wounds that leaked disaster and death. Smoothed scars that were nothing more than new mountains and deeper canyons where only the strong and stubborn had survived.

With each minute that passed, the Worlds shook awake one by one. With each minute that the Grey Qishir was still free they repaired the damage that had occurred in his absence. Took the power he fed them, the Balance he gave back to them, and did their best to recover. And in return they Woke the Cities for him. Even those that had gone dark when his people had been killed. Pushed the Watchtowers from the ground, the grass, the mountain rock, the desert sand, the water of lakes.

Be free. They whispered as his power grew with each Watchtower risen, with each City set to glowing and humming with Song. Know you are not alone for we are here. They sighed happily as he cured them of the Taint that the death of Balance had brought on with a single thought, barely even made in passing. Marveled at his strength, at the depth of the power he wielded even without having his truest nature brought to the fore.

With one great, heaving breath that rippled from the border of the most western among them to the border of the most eastern and every inch of land and air in between, the Seven Worlds came to Life in a way they hadn’t been for eons.

As the strongest attend they had ever felt was spoken, they felt the Balance of All Things gather itself.

Sacrifice yourself.

And when that first subvocal mind-breaking scream painted the air the Balance of All Things dropped to the Worlds it had been ripped away from and drowned them.

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