The original draft of this book has been removed as it is currently in the second round draft edit phase. It was originally published in paperback on Amazon but has since be unpublished there by me until the second edition, with updated edits can be published — gods willing — later this year. Check out the Author’s Note link at the top of the webpage to find the link to get to the official Facebook page where you can get more update information on publication as well as other news/insights. 

All Rhyshladlyn Ka’ahne ever really wanted was freedom, but his father and Fate had other plans. The former with attempts to maim him, break his mind, and destroy his body at every turn; a game of life or death that he knew well and was a master at surviving. The latter with machinations lifetimes in the making that took that game board and flipped it with a single question; one that left him with the all-too-real and consuming thought that the price for Answering “no” was far greater than the one for “yes.” So for all that Rhyshladlyn had spent the majority of his life only worried about what moves to make to gain him the freedom he craved, now he had so much more, so much worse, to worry about. Now the stakes were higher and failure was not an option. And now every decision he made affected the outcome of a future he never believed he’d ever live to see.

Eons before this precise moment, there were only the Original Seven Races, magick-born of the Great Mother and Father. Each Race had a World that they populated, governed, cared for. For millennia uncounted, the Original Races lived and loved and grew and died and cared for the earth and their Worlds as the Great Mother and Father and the Ahlüt nes Nühnet bid them in relative harmony. Until one day when they realized that their numbers were dwindling. That females were not being born in as great abundance as males, children were not being born as healthy and as magickally powerful as they once were. And with this realization came a panic of sorts. It was minor at first but gained speed and intensity as the years continued to pass and females were born less and less, as children grew and had their own children and none of them were female. Prayers to the Great Mother and Father, to Their Creator, to the gods that the Mother and Father had birthed of Their own blood and flesh, went unheeded, went unanswered…. that is, until the day they were.”

Trigger warnings and content warnings: Mentions of child abuse, specifically that perpetrated by a parental figure on a child. Graphic depictions of torture and physical abuse. Semi-graphic depictions of incestuous rape. Vulgar language. Graphic gore and horror elements. Psychological torture. Please be mindful that this is not a story for anyone under the age of 16 at absolute youngest, though I highly recommend only 18+ read this series.