Time was immaterial here among the Lost and the Broken and the Forgotten, among those who had not been strong enough to defend themselves and their autonomy. It passed without notice in this place that held the echoes of the Fallen. That kept them prisoner surrounded by the heady scent of death spiced with lingering Fear.

It was cold and lonely, despite the company, so far removed as it was.

Countless time had passed, slow and fast and all manners in between. Hours? Centuries? Days? Millennia? Minutes? Eons? Seconds? It was impossible to tell but despite the curiosity that made that impossibility an annoyance, the answer to those questions did not matter.

For there existed only one Answer that mattered and it had yet to be given for the Question attached to it had yet to be Asked. Until then, those echoes and the scent of Fear and the death that had followed on its heels would serve as worthwhile companions.

But when that Question and its Answer did arrive?

The Lost and the Broken and the Forgotten would escape this place and would finally know peace even if the Worlds they had been ripped from no longer would.

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