Time moved as it had always moved but no longer was it immaterial. No longer was it pointless to try and track it. Not since she had arrived, not since the one who was Other had stood amongst them.

No longer was time immaterial and immemorial here in this lonely, cold place because the Question had finally been Asked and with its Asking, the Answer had been given. Not in full, not yet, but it had been given in part. There was more to be had to the Answer than what those trapped here had spoken. But it was enough.

It was a start. A seed planted where it would surely be able to grow into a mighty tree whose roots would reach far and wide. A tree whose blossoms and fruit would be the poison that would aid in the downfall of those who had seen fit to condemn them here.

Finally, it was no longer as cold as it had been. Finally, the scent of Fear was dissipating and in its stead Hope tinged the warmer air like a heady spice.

Instead of mourning songs, they sang songs of victory and elation, strength and hope for the Fallen had begun to Rise and soon…

Soon the Lost and the Broken and the Forgotten would walk among the Living again. Soon they would take back the hope the Worlds had stolen from them.

And when they did? Finally they would know peace.

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