Schooling Within the Worlds

Schooling within the Worlds can get somewhat complicated. There are at least two “universities” of sorts that function to teach any who seek a higher education than the base line provided to the population as a whole. The universities offer a wide range of lessons from writing, magick, war tactics and training, mid-wifery/husbandry, and Healing (general, surgical, trauma, war). Prior to any Dhaoine attending one of the two universities, they are either privately trained (usually reserved for those who are royalty within their races or are affluent in some form) or attend a public institution that caters to those who aren’t able to afford private tutors.

The public schools don’t generally care if one comes from a poor family that can barely afford to put food on the table, instead accepting all Dhaoine from all walks of life, be they poor or not.

While it is rare, for a Dhaoine to be illiterate and barely able to speak either their native tongue or Common, it has been known to happen. In those instances, the Dhaoine who is so uneducated was allowed to be that way by their parents refusing to allow them to attend any schooling, public or otherwise.

The schooling one can acquire through private tutors is supposed to be, per the educate laws, to be no better than that which can be obtained through the public system. However, money buys better quality as well as silence, but most teachers will report an attempted offer of bribery for “better services than public schooling.”

University, while not free entirely, is open to the public and all walks just like the public schools are. However, to pay one’s way through to receive degrees, one must work in the department they wish to obtain a degree in. It works much like a barter system, i.e., “if you do (this/that) for me, I will give/do (this/that) for you in exchange.” All races have a deeply rooted sense of honor which enables such a system to work nearly flawlessly and without many reports of dishonesty.

One’s manner of schooling or level of reached of schooling is not always looked at when considering one versed in a subject. Rather the breadth of one’s experiences and the proficiency one has is what determines that.

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