Sinner Demon Race

The Sinner Demon race, while arguably not the most powerful of the Demon subraces, is the largest in both height/size and population. At one point in early Dhaoinic history the Sinner race was the one that ruled over all the demonic races within the Worlds. When the Sinners ruled their fellows, each subrace had its own “Lord”, the one who spoke on behalf of all of their people with the King of the Sinners being the Lord King to whom all other demonic Lords reported — which is why to this day the head of the Sinner Demons is known as the Lord King. It is a title that has stuck throughout history, one that speaks to a time when Sinners ruled more than just their own kind.

The Sinner Demon race is also the only race within the Worlds to be entirely patriarchal based. While many within the Worlds will have a “king” of sorts, they all acknowledge the Qishir caste/race (which tends to be predominately female oriented) that rules over all the Worlds from the(C)city/town/village level, to the Province level, to the World level, to the Worlds level. The Sinners are unique in that while some among the race follow suit with the rest of the Worlds’ population, the majority is patriarchal and views Qishir in a disdainful light — at one point being known to actively break the minds of Qishir born among the race as a way to keep them from being a threat to the Sinner Demons historical way of life. The mind breaking of Sinner Demon Qishir is rumored, but never proven.

Sinner Demons are also one of the long-lived races, with the cap age being roughly 5,000 years (though that is the record, the average is about 3,000 years). Anislanzir, the current Lord King, has ruled for nearly 2,000 years and is estimated to be about double that in age. Official record of his age and nameday are heavily guarded. Not even his children, trusted Lady Queen, or closest advisers know where he keeps the information hidden let alone the facts of it.

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