Blood Oaths

Each Blood Oath is unique to the Dhaoine who speaks it. The words one speaks when Oathing to a Qishir is equivalent to handfasting vows and are as binding as those vows if only a little more so because of the Blood Bond that accompanies them.

As with each individual of a Triad and Sacred Three having their own unique Oath to their shared Qishir, their Qishir has a reciprocal Oath that is unique to each individual. No Oath is the same, though certain phrases will be nearly if not outright identical, the overall verbiage will not be.

Blood Oathing is considered by many within the Worlds to be a divine act in that it is not a magick based act nor is it controlled by the limitations that normally effect magickal acts. To break a Blood Oath and the tenets it sets for those who have engaged in it is an act that is considered so heinous, that the gods who bared witness to its conception will walk among the living to strike down the Oathbreaker(s). In all of recorded history, such a thing has only happened three times.


A Blood Oath can be done across a great distance if the Oather is bleeding and the one to whom they are Oathing is powerful enough. Though it is rare, it is not an unknown thing.

The most famous instance was when Qishir D’xhryael completed the Blood Oath between emself and eir Steward, Eryt g’Vhirt, just in time to save the Steward from certain death as Stewards are granted diplomatic protections and thus cannot harmed. But those protections are only applied to Oathed Stewards, not un-Oathed ones, even if they have been granted Acceptance in response to their qahllyn.

It worked despite the three Worlds that separated them because of the desperation of the two and because Eryt was already bleeding at the time from wounds that would have seen him dead if they had been left untreated. The Oath had been spoken through the link that connections qahllyn and Qishir, a link that is heard by both parties and the gods Themselves. If it hadn’t been, the Oath wouldn’t have caught and D’xhryael wouldn’t have been able to complete it.

To date the act of a Blood Oath being attempted from afar has been done innumerable times. But only 2,000 across the millennia have been successful out of the millions that have been tried.

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