[Note that the information here adds more to the definition of the term “Court” found under the Glossary of Terms tab.]

Courts aren’t always a location so much as a group of Dhaoine who follow a Qishir. While non-Qishir rulers have courts they are not given the capitalization to make them a proper noun like the Courts that belong to a Qishir.

That is not to say, however, that Qishir do not have a home base where their Triad and Sacred Three live and operate out of, but it is not a necessity or a requirement. Neither do all Qishir live in close proximity to even their Triad, though many do after what happened to the last Qishir of Anglë World before the current sitting Qishir. For a Qishir will always be stronger the closer they are to their Triad and Sacred Three than they are when apart.

Courts were initially the armies that protected the Worlds, numbering into the lower hundreds of thousands. In the beginning there wasn’t an Eighth Qishir who ruled over and protected all Seven Worlds but rather one Qishir who ruled over an individual World. Whenever something had to be decided that would affect all the Worlds, the World Qishir would each gather in a council like manner and discuss it. But now there is an Eighth Qishir who has the final say of what happens to and within the Worlds, regardless of whether the seven who serve under them agree or not. 

While many Courts have just the typical first and second circles comprised of the Triad (first circle) and Sacred Three (second circle) and their “apprentices”, the larger Courts, such as those of World Qishir or the Eighth Qishir, have up to five circles total. And while the Triad and Sacred Three are Blood Oathed positions, tying their lives literally to that of the Qishir they’re qahllyn to, the rest of a Qishir’s Court can opt to Blood Oath without a title being added to them. It is extremely rare but is not an unknown occurrence. Mostly Court members of all five circles will swear fealty rather than speak a binding Oath.

To date, only Greywalkers born to the Qishir caste were known to have every member of their Courts Blood Oathed willingly to them. Since their fall such a thing has not been done.

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